A professional society dedicated to fostering and promoting research, education, and communication in the scientific understanding of seeds.

Previous Representatives

ISSS officers, trustees, and representatives - cumulative


William Finch-Savage (UK) 2011-2014
Patricia Berjak (South Africa) 2008-2011
J. Derek Bewley (Canada) 2005-2008
Ralph Obendorf (USA) 2002-2005
Daniel Côme (France) 1999-2002


Françoise Corbineau (France) 2011-2014
William Finch-Savage (UK) 2008-2011
Patricia Berjak (South Africa) 2005-2008
J. Derek Bewley (Canada) 2002-2005
Ralph Obendorf (USA) 1999-2002


John Dickie (UK) 2008-2012
Karen L. Koster (USA) 2004-2008
Kent Bradford (USA) 1999-2004

Kenneth Thompson (UK) 2002-2006, 2006-2010
Hugh Pritchard (UK) 1999-2002

Elected and Appointed Trustees (2005 - present)

Steve Adkins (Australia), Elected Trustee 2005-2008
Roberto Benech-Arnold (Argentina), Appointed Trustee 2008-2011
Michael Black (England), Appointed Trustee 2005-2008, 2008-2011
Francoise Corbineau (France), Elected Trustee 2008-2011
Bill Finch-Savage (England), Appointed Trustee 2005-2008
Peter Halmer (England), Appointed Trustee 2005-2008
Michael Holdsworth (UK), Appointed Trustee 2008-2011
Robin Probert (England), Appointed Trustee 2005-2008
Dolores Rodriguez (Spain), Appointed Trustee 2008-2011

Founding Trustees
Michael Black (UK) 1999-2005
Kent Bradford (USA) 1999-2005
Daniel Côme (France) 1999-2005
Hugh Pritchard (UK) 1999-2005
Kenneth Thompson (UK) 1999-2005

Ordinary Committee Members (through 2005)

Gregorio Nicolas (Spain) 2002-2005
Menahem Edelstein (Israel) 2002-2005
Yitzchak Gutterman (Israel) 1999-2002
Henk Hilhorst (The Netherlands) 1999-2002

Regional representatives (2005-2008)
Norman Pammenter (South Africa)
Australia & New Zealand:
Steve Adkins (Australia)
Central & South America:
Renato Delmondez de Castro (Brazil)
China & Japan:
Song-Quan Song (China)
Eastern Europe & Russia:
Elwira Sliwinska (Poland)
Middle East:
Haim Nerson (Israel)
North America:
Christina Walters (USA)
UK & Eire:
Cliff Bray (UK)
Western Europe & Scandinavia:
Dolores Rodriguez (Spain)

Regional representatives - past

Australia & New Zealand:
Steve Adkins (Australia) 1999-2005
Central & Eastern Europe:
Renata Bogatek (Poland) 1999-2005
China & Japan:
Songquan Song (China) 2002-2005
Jia-Rui Fu (China) 1999-2002
Swati Sen Mandi (India) 1999-2004
Mexico & Central America:
Jorge Vázquez-Ramos (Mexico) 1999-2005
North America:
Paul Cavers (Canada) 1999-2005
South Africa:
Patricia Berjak (South Africa) 1999-2005
South America:
Roberto Benech-Arnold (Argentina) 1999-2005
Mirian Eira (Brazil) 1999-2005

Organizational Representative

Alison Powell (UK) for ISTA 2002-2008

Corporate Representative

Peter Halmer (UK) for Germains, Ltd. 2005-2008
Eric Gatignol (France) for Syngentia 2002-2003

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