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Professor Eric ROBERTS (1930-2016)

Professor Eric ROBERTS (1930-2016)


It is with great sadness that I inform the ISSS members and broader scientific community that Emeritus Professor Eric Roberts died on 13th August 2016.

Professor Roberts was a pioneer in seed biology and has been recognized as a leader in seed science and made extremely important contributions to the metabolic regulation of seed dormancy and seed ageing and storage. The ISSS send his wife Dorothy, sons Peter and Ian and their families our deepest sympathy.


Françoise Corbineau

ISSS President


  1. Caroline Carver says:

    Yes it’s a very sad loss. He was a wonderful man in every way, it was always a delight to be in his company

  2. E.M.Khah says:

    On 13 August 2016 the sad news of the passing away of our dearest Prof Eric Roberts frozen us in the middle of a very hot summer…

    His rare skills and ingenuity were perfectly combined with his aristotelic simplicity. His innovative scientific methods and his revolutionary research work present him as a rare authenticity in the seed world. However, most importantly, he was for all of us a lot more than a distinguished academic teacher as well as a uniquely brilliant philosophical scholar-artist. He was thought as being our dedicated father full of kindness and generosity without any discrimination.

    May he rests in eternal peace and glory!

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