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IN MEMORIAM Cees Karssen (July 4, 1937 – October 14, 2023)

Cees Karssen started at Wageningen University in 1969 as assistant-professor to become professor in 1984. Cees contributed, to a large extent, to modern seed physiology. His studies together with Maarten Koornneef on mutants of Arabidopsis and tomato are highlights in the field and are still cited. The evolving hormone balance theory still stands firmly in our age of modern molecular and -omics research. He was closely befriended with two other giants of seed physiology, Mike Black and Derek Bewley, who both passed away very recently. Unfortunately, Cees was called to become Rector-Magnificus in 1993, which retired him from active science.

We will remember Cees as an excellent scholar with a sharp mind and a broad view of our field of science, but also as a warm person and great friend.

For those who are interested in Cees his scientific achievements, he published a Personal View in Seed Science Research (2002) 12, 203–216; DOI: 10.1079/SSR2002115

Henk Hilhorst

Wageningen October 23, 2023.

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