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ISSS Conference 10-14 September 2017

First announcement


Dear members,

The triennial ISSS Conference will be held from 10-14 September 2017 at the Monterey Plaza Hotel, Monterey California. See also the UcDavis website. Information on registration and other details will follow in due course.



Peter Toorop, Secretary


  1. Steven Blackwell says:

    Please keep me posted about this conference

  2. Masoume Amirkhani says:

    I’d love to attend to this meeting!

  3. Reza Tavakkol Afshari says:

    Please let me know about upcoming of event news.

  4. Daniel Adewale says:

    Please keep me up to date with this event, I’ll like to attend.

  5. Dalisay M. Caraos says:

    Are the topics for this conference available already?

    • PeterToorop says:

      It is a bit early to announce the topics, but the organisation is working on this. Please check the conference website regularly for updates.


    May I know if ISSS membership is required to be able to participate in the 2017 ISSS conference. How much is the estimated registration fee? When can we access the scientific program (plenary topics, etc.) and the general information on registration, abstract submission or conference calendar. Thank you.

  7. Prof Theresa Aveling says:

    Please keep me posted.

  8. Dr S B Patil says:

    Kindly inform me about the event, i like to attend the conference.

    Thank you

  9. Dr S B Patil says:

    i would like to attend the conference , let me know the date.

  10. irfan afzal says:

    The conference, venue and sponsoring organization are awesome. I will love to participate and hope to see all seed scientists in this event. Please keep me updated….

  11. Vijay Sharma says:

    I would like to attend. Please keep me up to date

  12. Linda Agbotah says:

    Hello, I am not a member of this goup but I really want to attend to broaden my knowledge base. Is it possible to attend even if you are not member or presenting on any topic.

  13. Greetings Seed Scientists!

    In order to stay up to date with ISSS Conference updates and announcements:
    • Join us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/isssconference2017/
    • Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/ISSS_2017
    • Subscribe to the conference Email list http://eepurl.com/clvPOn

    Julie Tillman

    Julie Tillman, PhD
    Program Representative
    2017 ISSS Conference Organizer
    Seed Biotechnology Center
    Department of Plant Sciences, MS5
    Plant Reproductive Biology, Extension Center Drive
    jtillman@ucdavis.edu • SBC.ucdavis.edu

  14. I would like to attend this conference and make a presentation on establishing a functional seed system for cassava in Uganda: implications for vegetative crops.

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