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ISSS/ISTA/INSR Webinar on Web-based resources for seed scientists

A joint webinar between the ISSS, the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) and the International Network for Seed-Based Restoration (INSR) will take place on 14 December, 14:00-16:00 GMT.

The webinar is free and open to all. For more details and to register please see here: https://www.seedtest.org/en/workshops-and-webinars/isss-ista-insr-webinar-on-web-based-resources-for-seed-scientists-product-10026.html 

Web-based resources for seed scientists


  • Kirk Remund is presently chair of the ISTA Statistics Technical Committee. He and Dr. Jean-Louis Laffont, vice chair, have worked together in close partnership over the past two decades providing statistical solutions, training, and tools to the ISTA Technical Committees and beyond to seed testing professionals globally.  Kirk is also a senior science fellow and statistician at Bayer Crop Science supporting seed physiology, seed genetics, and seed health testing for the company globally.  He obtained his degrees in Statistics and Mathematics from Brigham Young University (USA) in the early 90s.  Kirk and his wife Kae reside in Saint Louis Missouri (USA) and love spending leisure time with their family and three grandchildren.
  • David Merritt is a Principal Research Scientist for the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation, and Attractions, based at Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth, Western Australia. His research interests include fundamental and applied aspects of the biology, physiology, and ecology of seeds, including studies of seed storage behaviour, dormancy, and germination. His work focuses on supporting the ex situ conservation of plant biodiversity through seed banking, and on developing techniques for the propagation and use of seeds for ecological restoration and threatened species translocations.
  • Simone Pedrini is a lecturer in environmental restoration at the School of Molecular and Life Sciences a Curtin University. He specialised in native plant species conservation and reintroduction. His main focus is on optimising the native seed supply chain for ecological restoration, from seed collection and production, seed processing, quality testing, dormancy treatment, seed enhancement, and seed use in the field. Simone obtained a Bachelor of Science (2005-2008) and a Master of Science degree (2008-2011) in “Natural Sciences” from the University of Pavia (Italy). He was co-founder and managing director of the first Italian native plant nursery and seed producer, Flora Conservation (2012 to 2015). He obtained a PhD in “Seed enhancement technology application to native seeds” from Curtin university (2015-2019). Simone is a certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner, Chair-elect of the International Network for Seed Based Restoration and Co-founder and advisor of the European Native Seed Producers Association.


  • Andreas Wais, ISTA Secretary General

The webinar is open to the public, everyone can participate for free. Questions from the audience will be discussed after each presentation in a dedicated Q&A time slot.

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