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NASSTEC Experienced Researcher, 1 position

Transfer of NASSTEC knowledge to European seed producers
(Experienced Researcher) [1 position]ER_advert_final


A full time fixed term appointment from 01 February 2016 to 30 September 2017

Salary € 78,624.00 per annum (gross figure) + benefits
Closing date: 08 October 2015, NASSTEC_ER_application_form_Final_cb

SCOTIA SEEDS is looking for 1 brilliant scientist for an ER position (Transfer of NASSTEC knowledge to European seed producers) within the native seeds technology group at Scotia Seeds Brechin in Angus, Scotland. The main duties of this post will be: (1) establishing a contacts database/network of native seed users, producers, trade associations, and potential producers (the ‘Stakeholder Community’), in all sectors in the EU; 2) establishing contact with the Stakeholder Community and establishing their technical needs and challenges; (3) interacting continuously with the whole of the NASSTEC community to collate the research findings of the ESRs and partners into key deliverables, including NASSTEC manuals; (4) promoting technical advances in native seed production with the Stakeholder Community and the general public, and; (5) developing and updating the internet based Information Facility for e-forums, e-notice-board and using the website and social media to communicate within and beyond the NASSTEC community.

Essential skills include: an interest in plant ecology and native seed science. A high level of proficiency in English, including the ability to communicate scientific and technical information verbally and in writing.  Ability to populate webpages and effective use of social media. A flexible attitude will be essential, as aspects of the project may evolve differently from the anticipated direction, working hours may vary and international travel will be required. Desirable skills include: experience of native seed production or use, experience of dealing with a range of organizations in academia, commerce and the public and private sectors.

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