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New Seed Testing Book

A new book entitled “Seed Testing: Principles and Practices” 1st ed by S.G. Elias, L.O. Copeland, M.B. McDonald, and R.Z. Baalbaki has come out. It will be of particular interest to those involvedin seed quality evaluation.

 The new book has comprehensive guide which outlines the most widely performed modern seed quality tests, explores the principles behind them, the history of seed testing, why seeds are tested and when. A detailed morphological and structural description of seed formation and development is provided. The book examines the testing of genetic traits and transgenic seeds, including DNA and protein based tests for genetic purity determination, as well as cultivar purity identification tests for conventional seeds. In addition, it describes  the most common tests for seed purity and viability, seed and seedling vigor, seed-borne diseases, and seed moisture determination. The book also describes sampling, sub-sampling, and statistical applications of seed testing and tolerances. Finally, it reviews seed laboratory management, accreditation, and seed quality assurance programs. This book is an invaluable source of information for seed specialists, researchers, students, instructors, and those who are  interested in seed quality evalution.The new book is now available from Michigan State University press.  See details on the publisher’s webpage:  http://msupress.msu.edu/bookTemplate.php?bookID=4316



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