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PhD opportunities at Australian National University, Canberra

Living on the edge: how do Australian plants cope with extreme temperature? (ARC Linkage 2019-22)

Project descriptions: A range of PhD and honours projects are available to examine – 1) variation in thermal tolerance breadth (tolerance of extreme cold and heat events) for both alpine and desert species at seed, seedling and mature phases and to assess how water limitation influences thermal tolerances. The project will combine field work in the desert and alpine with common garden and controlled growth experiments at the botanic gardens and ANU; 2) characterize associative patterns between genetic diversity and thermal tolerance across (and within) alpine and desert species of differing thermal tolerance breadth and predicted adaptive capacity; and  3) determine the extent to which tolerance breadth and genetic structure data correspond with expert judgement about which species have high or low adaptive capacity under climate change and apply our data to develop informed plans for management of threatened ecological communities of extreme environments.

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