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Plant signalling in a changing environment – conference, July 2013, France

ISSS members, perhaps especially those concerned with molecular mechanisms of germination and other developmental events, may be interested in the following conference notification. NB, early bird registration closes on February 15th.

 Dear colleague,

We would like to remind you the first Saclay Plant Sciences (SPS, www.saclayplantsciences.fr) international conference (conference poster enclosed):
SPS Conference 2013: Plant signalling in a changing environment
July 4-6, 2013

As sessile organisms, all plants have the capacity to sense and respond to changing conditions in their environment to appropriately modify their development and physiology. During land colonization, different plant species have used diverse strategies to cope with largely variable environmental conditions. Although a great amount of knowledge has been accumulated in many areas of plant biology, the molecular mechanisms underlying signaling and adaptation to the environment are still largely unclear. It is the aim of this conference to discuss the latest discoveries on how plants respond to changes in their abiotic and biotic environmental conditions. The conference will look at different strategies revealed by studying natural variation, highlighting novel insights into the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms, and showcase how this knowledge can be applied to improve crop production to meet the needs of the future.

Registration deadlines:
Early registration:         October 1, 2012      to   February 15, 2013
Normal registration:    February 16, 2013   to   May 31, 2013

Sponsoring conditions for companies:
Different sponsoring packages are available for companies, including the possibility to have a stall at the Conference Trade Exhibition.
The information and contact are available on the conference website:

We are looking forward to seeing you at the SPS Conference 2013 !

The organizing committee:
Heribert Hirt
Martin Crespi
Michael Hodges
Herman Höfte
Annie Marion-Poll
Marie-Jeanne Sellier

Contact: recherche-sps@versailles.inra.fr


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