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Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Plant Genetics, UNESP, Brazil

The UNESP/FCA Seed Laboratory (Botucatu campus), in partnership with Wageningen University and Research and Embrapa-Soja, is offering a postdoctoral fellowship.

The position requires experience in molecular biology and genetic improvement, as well as knowledge in bioinformatics and plant physiology. The general objective is to present possibilities for improving the production and survival of soybean plants in the face of ongoing climate change.

Project title: Genetic and molecular basis of chlorophyll retention in seeds: a step forward to improve soybean adaptability to climate change

Start: 2022-09-01

Principal investigator: Edvaldo Aparecido Amaral da Silva

Unit/Institution: Depto. de Produção e Melhoramento Vegetal/FCA, UNESP

Deadline for submissions: 2022-08-25

Locale: Fazenda Experimental Lageado – S/N (Cx. Postal 237), Botucatu


  • Master’s and PhD in Genetics;
  • Knowledge in bioinformatics and statistics;
  • Experience in conducting experiments with plants in substrate and greenhouse, as well as with pre-breeding and genetic improvement;
  • Knowledge in molecular biology, with experience in methods of extraction and quantification of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and gene expression analysis;
  • Writing skills in the English language.

Candidates must send updated Curriculum Vitae, 1 cover letter justifying interest in the vacancy and 2 recommendation letters to the responsible researcher Prof. Dr. Edvaldo A. A. da Silva (amaral.silva@unesp.br).

This opportunity is open to candidates of any nationality. The selected candidate will receive a Post-Doctoral fellowship from the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) in the amount of R$ 8,479.20 monthly and a research contingency fund, equivalent to 10% of the annual value of the fellowship which should be spent in items directly related to the research activity.

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