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SEB Symposium: Oxidative stress & cell death in plants; Florence, June 2013

It’s likely that some ISSS members, especially those researching mechanisms of seed longevity would be interested in the following announcement from Colin Osborne at Sheffield University.

 We would like to bring to your attention the SEB’s 2013 Plant Symposium entitled “Oxidative stress and cell death in plants: mechanisms and implications” taking place from the 26th – 28th June in Florence, Italy. This is likely to be of interest to environmental physiologists.

Research on oxidative stress and cell death in plants spans a wide range of disciplines, including stress physiology and biochemistry, cell and developmental biology, plant-pathogen interaction, systems biology and computational biology. The conference will assemble over 150 scientists and will consist of 4 sessions full of pioneering advances in major topics related to oxidative stress and cell death in plants. The conference will also devote particular emphasis to the contribution of a variety of model organisms and systems to our understanding of these important processes in plant biology.
The meeting will serve a valuable forum to share and discuss latest findings, establish new collaborations and identify new directions of research. We are confident that the special atmosphere that we aim to achieve will encourage researchers to think beyond the confines of their own research, and look more globally on different mechanisms and implications of oxidative stress and cell death and interactions between them. 

Registration and abstract submission are both open – you can read more on our website .
The deadline for abstract submissions is the 26th of April and the Early bird registration deadline is the 10th of May.
Colin Osborne
Dept. Animal and Plant Sciences
University of Sheffield

tel: +44-114-222-0146
twitter: @sheffieldplants
skype: cposborne

homepage: http://osbornelab.group.shef.ac.uk

publications: http://scholar.google.co.uk/citations?hl=en&user=ZPeZmp0AAAAJ

ecological informatics: www.grassportal.org


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